Surgery Center of Dayton

We work closely with our patient’s Doctors to provide exceptional care and fast recoveries.

State-of-the-art medical facilities and quality support aftercare give our patients the advantage of healthy living with attention to a higher quality of life.

Surgery Center of Dayton

Ambulatory surgery centers, or ASCs, are facilities where surgeries that do not require hospital admission are performed. ASCs provide cost-effective services and a convenient environment that is less stressful than what many hospitals can offer. Patients have their surgery in a fully equipped operating room and recover under the care of highly skilled nurses.

Surgery Center of Dayton provides care for many specialties from 18 years of age and up. The high level of professionalism, quality, and safety are reasons patients choose Surgery Center of Dayton. 

Surgery Center of Dayton is a joint venture with SCOD Physicians, LLC and Hendricks Assistance Company, LLC.